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US-7252486-B2: Hand-operated inflator patent, US-7316853-B2: Airbreathing fuel cell patent, US-7461824-B2: Stand arrangement for a medical-optical instrument patent, US-7536215-B2: Cortical sensing device with pads patent, US-7603418-B1: Sequence number resetting for synchronizing transfers in a digital network patent, US-7847477-B2: Method of manufacturing display unit and display unit patent, US-7853763-B2: Storage apparatus and method for accessing a storage apparatus patent, US-7859346-B2: Clock generator and associated self-test and switching-control method patent, US-8057710-B2: Composite for electrode active material and secondary battery comprising the same patent, US-8131321-B2: Vibration motor as a transducer of audio patent, US-8208337-B2: Operation method and leakage controller for a memory and a memory applying the same patent, US-8519260-B2: Method to evaluate effectiveness of substrate cleanness and quantity of pin holes in an antireflective coating of a solar cell patent, US-6715065-B1: Micro program control method and apparatus thereof having branch instructions patent, US-6728385-B2: Voice detection and discrimination apparatus and method patent, US-6729238-B2: Printing of a conductive coating on an electric unit patent, US-6743036-B2: Flat fluorescent light comprising a contact system patent, US-6749348-B2: Focal-plane shutter for digital still camera patent, US-6758907-B2: Device for coating bottles and bodies for transporting bottles patent, US-6814585-B2: Electrical connector with resilient contact patent, US-6816291-B2: Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus having volume holographic memory patent, US-6903063-B2: Azeotrope-like composition of 1-chloro-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropane and hydrogen fluoride patent, US-7054740-B2: Content providing area presentation system patent, US-7370110-B2: Method and system for operating a network server to discourage inappropriate use patent, US-7375674-B2: Switching device and remote control using the switching device patent, US-7665734-B2: Game and the method of playing the game patent, US-7883386-B2: OLED pixel structure and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-7969413-B2: Storage medium having stored thereon program for adjusting pointing device, and pointing device patent, US-8046054-B2: Bi-planar fluoroscopy guided robot system for minimally invasive surgery and the control method thereof patent, US-8063920-B2: Display time control for images patent, US-8064844-B2: Wireless communication apparatus, power amplifier control method, and power amplifier control apparatus patent, US-8419408-B2: Extrusion mold for non-pneumatic multi-hole hollow tire patent, US-6776668-B1: Low profile coaxial board-to-board connector patent, US-6793394-B2: Hydrodynamic bearing device patent, US-6893872-B2: Pesticidal toxins patent, US-6911637-B1: Wavefront phase sensors using optically or electrically controlled phase spatial light modulators patent, US-6930302-B2: Method and apparatus for scanning an optical beam using an optical conduit patent, US-6936123-B2: Apparatus for producing laminated electronic part and method of producing the part patent, US-6978890-B2: Screwdriver bit package patent, US-7011979-B2: Detecting pinholes in vertical cavity surface-emitting laser passivation patent, US-7113105-B2: Work machine display system patent, US-7125886-B2: 5-HT3 receptor antagonists and methods of use patent, US-7127989-B2: Printing material processing machine, in particular printing press patent, US-7134799-B2: Applicator including an applicator element for applying a substance, in particular a cosmetic or another care product patent, US-7274081-B2: Front-illuminated-type photodiode array patent, US-7285784-B2: Real time method and computer system for identifying radioactive materials from HPGe gamma-ray spectroscopy patent, US-7307822-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus patent, US-7308931-B2: Heat pipe remote heat exchanger (RHE) with graphite block patent, US-7315462-B2: Stabilized power supply patent, US-7331103-B2: Magazine, tray component feeding device, and component mounting device patent, US-7384419-B2: Tapered fused waveguide for delivering treatment electromagnetic radiation toward a target surfaced patent, US-7445422-B2: Hybrid turbomolecular vacuum pumps patent, US-7472830-B2: Compact laser aiming assembly for a firearm patent, US-7523581-B1: Shot pattern control system patent, US-7555787-B2: IC intrusion detection patent, US-7563639-B2: Phase-changeable memory device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-7594605-B2: Credit card transaction servers, methods and computer program products employing wireless terminal location and registered purchasing locations patent, US-7596138-B2: Method of sending a multipoint stream in a local area network and connection device implementing the method patent, US-7892208-B2: Medical tubing set sheath patent, US-7962472-B2: Self-optimizing algorithm for real-time problem resolution using historical data patent, US-8053720-B2: Multi-frequency millimeter-wave VLBI receiving system and method of designing quasi optical circuit for the same patent, US-8216858-B2: Ferroelectric material, method of producing ferroelectric material, and ferroelectric device patent, US-8501403-B2: Amplification of DNA fragments patent, US-8531884-B2: Memory device, systems and devices including a memory device, methods of operating a memory device, and/or methods of operating systems and devices including a memory device patent, US-8550400-B2: Aircraft with retracted front landing gear patent, US-6842609-B2: Radio having adjustable seek sensitivity based on average signal strength and method therefor patent, US-6984002-B2: Brake hydraulic pressure generator patent, US-7055376-B2: Method and a pump apparatus for the generation of an adjustable, substantially constant volume flow of a fluid and a use of this method patent, US-7069371-B2: Motherboard having a non-volatile memory which is reprogrammable through a video display port and a non-volatile memory switchable between two communication protocols patent, US-7129059-B2: Process for the preparation of compounds with enhanced optical purity patent, US-7170567-B2: Projection type image display apparatus patent, US-7183192-B2: Composition for removing photoresist and method of forming a bump electrode in a semiconductor device using the composition patent, US-7226081-B2: Steering knuckle structure patent, US-7377479-B1: Position restoring apparatus for an open and close device patent, US-7509344-B1: Method for detecting link spam in hyperlinked databases patent, US-7531146-B2: Synthesis furnace patent, US-7767533-B2: Method and device for providing a contact structure patent, US-7957704-B2: Method and system for reducing AM/PM distortion in a polar amplifier patent, US-7961901-B2: Loudspeaker stand and mount for a loudspeaker stand patent, US-7982606-B2: Microwave motion detector with target angle detection patent, US-8022571-B2: Power management circuitry and solar cells patent, US-8080113-B2: Method and apparatus for collecting chemicals from semiconductor wafer patent, US-8110360-B2: Compositions and methods for the assembly of polynucleotides patent, US-8167123-B2: Barrel patent, US-6721077-B2: Light emitting device addressed spatial light modulator patent, US-6730879-B1: Self-cleaning systems and methods patent, US-6762949-B2: Dynamic RAM-and semiconductor device patent, US-6978635-B2: Adsorption element and air conditioning device patent, US-7053569-B2: Inverter control method and its device patent, US-7062589-B1: Bus communication apparatus for programmable logic devices and associated methods patent, US-7093012-B2: System and method for enhancing crawling by extracting requests for webpages in an information flow patent, US-7126808-B2: Wafer platen equipped with electrostatic clamp, wafer backside gas cooling, and high voltage operation capability for plasma doping patent, US-7193145-B1: Inbred maize line PH8KG patent, US-7298129-B2: Time arbitrary signal power statistics measurement device and method patent, US-7504735-B2: Manufacturing method of resin-molding type semiconductor device, and wiring board therefor patent, US-7554973-B2: Multiple virtual telephones sharing a single physical address patent, US-7872752-B2: Detector system for unidentified substances patent, US-7938623-B2: Inflatable wind turbine blade and method for forming said rotor blade patent, US-7940127-B2: All digital phase lock loop and method for controlling phase lock loop patent, US-7957131-B1: Electronic device thermal management patent, US-8221317-B2: Expanding cannula and retractor device and methods of use patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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